The Glasgow Style Mile Christmas Carnival

24th November 2019

13.00 - 16.00

This is the sixth year that Bridgeman Arts has produced the Style Mile Christmas Carnival and after a busy year of public events, we are delighted to be finishing the year off with our favourite Christmas carnival event. We have created lots of wonderful new creations, costumes and performances for the 2019 carnival parade and have also developed a variety of static performances. In particular, our music stage in George Square (outside the City Chambers) will host a variety of great, live acts performing a unique selection of Christmas music that will delight and entertain the public. The video below features images of some of the amazing contributions to the earlier years of the event and is overlaid with text information about the upcoming 2019 event. The music in the film can be experienced live on the music stage in George Square on 24th November. Listen out for the "Jingle Belles".


CARNIVAL THEME - The theme for the costumed parade this year is " A Festive Fayre". We celebrate the launch of the Christmas season in Glasgow with a host of new content that is both modern and tradititional.

Our key themed artworks in 2019 are:

Alongside the amazing artworks will be hundreds of costumed characters drawn from both community and professional backgrounds who will help to create a Christmas spectacle that would brighten up even the darkest of our winter days in Glasgow.

There are only a few weeks left to go now until the event but if you are a performer with a great Christmas costume and would like to join us in the procession this year, get in touch and we can see if we can make a space for you.

contact: Noel

Bridgeman Arts